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Welcome to Mrs. LeSage's Math Class! I teach all levels of math in middle school, 6th grade - Algebra I. My certification is in Elementary Education, 1st - 8th grade. I have been an educator for twenty years (eight of those years in public school and the last twelve, here at SAS). 


The following are some helpful math websites:

6th - 8th Grade:

  • Textbook - ConnectED - This site goes along with your child's textbook/workbook. Your child has his/her username and password in their workbook on the black page in the front. This is an excellent resource to find a copy of the workbook, extra practice, online tutoring, and bonus work.
  • Math IXL - Your child will have access to this website using their username and password recorded in the front of their workbook. Students may search for practice by typing the name of the skill in the search window. This website gives students immediate feedback on incorrect answers and allows them to continue to practice until the skill is mastered. 
  • Kahn Academy - Students do not need a username or password to access this site. This is a tutorial program that gives in depth explanations of how to work through problems. Students will type the name of the skill in the search window that help is needed, then click on one of the tutorials that is appropriate to help. 


Bonus Work:

  • Students are given Bonus Work opportunity before each chapter test worth 5 points. A student may earn up to ten bonus points in math per nine week period. This includes all types of bonus (online tests, hornet run points, conduct points). This is always due the date of the chapter test they are currently taking. Here are the steps students should follow to earn  the online bonus points:
  1. Log onto connectEd website.
  2. Click on the appropriate chapter.
  3. This will bring students to a drop down menu. On the right side of this, scroll down and click on Chapter Review.
  4. Students will take the chapter test, NOT the standardized test.
  5. As students work through each problem, they MUST show all of their work/thought process on loose-leaf paper with each problem numbered. Be sure to write the student's name, date, and the chapter at the top of the paper. 
  6. If the student earns a score of 80% or higher, they may turn in their work on the test date. Any score lower than 80%, must be retaken. 
  7. A picture of the student's score must be taken and emailed to me by test date. 


Tutoring: I am available to help students struggling with any particular math skill at any break or Thursday after school. Please email me if you need to set up a Thursday session. My schedule varies, so there may be other dates I am available, please contact me to check on my availability. Students wishing to meet with me at one of their breaks should let me know first thing in the morning, so they can receive a pass to come in from break. 

Please email me if you have any questions or need clarifications.