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Welcome to History! My name is Mrs. Tate and I am the History teacher for 6th-8th grade. Each year there is a new type of History to learn. We start with the ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome in 6th Grade. In 7th grade we take a deeper look into the birth of our country up to Reconstruction. Our focus in 8th grade is Louisiana history up to present day.  To prepare students for the technology that they will use in high school, I integrate Google Classroom into instruction. This is a wonderful tool for students to help with everything from research to creating projects. If you have any questions my email is 

Important Textbook Information:

We do offer an online version of our History textbooks for all grades. This is a great resource for students. Each year the students will have access to their textbook pages along with additional resources for enrichment.

6th and 7th Grade:

Usernames are unique for each student. The password is historysas.

8th Grade:

Everyone has the same username and password.

Username: msh-stalphonsus

Password: lagniappe17