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Testing Information

Testing for 2022-2023

The Diocese of Baton Rouge has adopted a two-part DRC/Beacon Testing System.  DRC BEACON is an online interim assessment that illuminates student learning needs and measures student progress throughout the year. It allows grade 3–8 educators to target instruction and make informed decisions. The online adaptive format allows students, parents, and teachers to have a more accurate picture of achievement as the item difficulty adjusts to student ability levels and pinpoints a realistic indication and diagnosis of “where students are.” In addition, fewer test items are needed to achieve results, and reports supply specific data identifying the support a student needs. All of this translates to more time for instruction and learning. Students will be tested on Math, Reading, and Writing standards. 


Interim tentative testing dates are:
Interim I: 3rd-5th Grade August 29-September 1
                 6th-8th Grade August 22-24
Interim II: 3rd-8th Grade March 13-16


Summative testing will be provided through DRC/Terranova. Students in grades 3-5 will take a paper-based assessment at the beginning of May, while grades 6-8 will take a computer-based assessment at the end of April. 


DRC has provided training tools for teachers, parents, and students. The Online Training Tools provide students with sample questions and practice using the interactive tools used during the test. DRC also provides a Student Training Video to help students familiarize themselves with the testing format. 


Please feel free to use the online training resources to help your child prepare for testing.