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Mission and Vision

St. Alphonsus Catholic School Mission

The Mission of St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic School is to form students in the Catholic Faith spiritually, academically, physically, and culturally in an environment of academic excellence.



St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic School is committed to providing a positive, faith-filled environment for children to learn.  Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to promote academic excellence and the spiritual growth of our students, coupled with an appreciation of how service to others makes the world a better place.  We strive to expand their potential to become leaders.



Together, the parents, faculty, and church community of St. Alphonsus School facilitate the development of the whole child: spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and culturally. The school environment is intended to nourish a faith life that is rooted in the knowledge of Catholic doctrine, an appreciation for prayer, and a willingness to serve others.  In this climate, each child is recognized and responded to as an individual with unique possibilities. Through a curriculum designed toward academic excellence, the faculty guides students to maximize their individual learning potential and to develop creative interest, thus celebrating the diversity of our students. In support of this endeavor, St. Alphonsus School pursues the role of educational leadership in today’s changing world. It is hoped that through this educational process, we will be developing strong individuals who will become devoted citizens of the home, school, church, and civic community, prepared to go forth to give witness to a belief in Christ and to respond to the larger community in a spirit of peace and justice. 



  • We will serve God, family, and community by encouraging outreach for the needs of others.

  • We strive for excellence in our academic endeavors by setting goals for the future and embracing challenges.

  • We share our Catholic Faith by guiding and nurturing our students toward faith throughout their lifetime.

  • We aspire to the action of compassion by showing love, forgiveness and empathy for others.

  • We model responsibility by taking ownership of our actions and encouraging others to take Gospel valued actions.

  • We show respect by honoring and loving all of God’s creations.