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The St. Alphonsus Guidance Counselor works with the students, parents, and faculty to ensure a caring, supportive school environment. In addition to classroom guidance, SAS's counselor offers individual and peer group counseling. On an individual basis, the counselor helps students emotionally, socially, and academically. Peer counseling groups are offered periodically based on the current needs of the students.

At any time during the school year, if a parent or guardian thinks their child would benefit from counseling services, please complete the online referral form. Parents can also contact the Guidance Counselor at any time via email or telephone.

The mission of the St. Alphonsus Counseling Program is to provide a supportive and safe environment that promotes the emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and academic growth of all students. This is accomplished through classroom guidance, individual counseling, peer group counseling, academic counseling, and parent/family support.


Guidance Class:

Guidance is offered as an Enhancement Class twice a month to students in 1st thru 8th grade. Throughout the school year, Guidance Class will cover various topics, such as identifying feelings, emotion regulation, friendship, communication skills, tattling versus telling, bullying, self-awareness, peer pressure, study skills, and organization and time-management. The specific class lessons and activities are individualized based on the grade level. Check the weekly Kaleidoscope to find out what your student learned in Guidance that week!



Information and Resources: