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St. Alphonsus Athletics offers volleyball for students in grades 5th through 8th. The 5th grade teams participate in the CSAA developmental league and the 6th through 8th grade teams participate in the CSAA varsity league. At times, tryouts for the varsity teams are necessary due to the fact that only one team for each grade for each school is allowed in the league. At those times, every effort will be made to fill junior varsity teams for those student-athletes wishing to participate in volleyball. Many tournaments are offered for each league.


Krystal Armand

Athletic Director

Congratulations to our 6th grade varsity and 7th grade volleyball teams.  6th grade won 2nd place and 7th grade won 1st place in the Our Lady of Mercy Volleyball Tournament.

Congratulations to our 5th grade volleyball team. They won 2nd place in our SAS Spring Slam Volleyball Tournament.