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Here at St. Alphonsus, we have a long standing reputation of having one of the best Athletic Programs. Marked with success at St. Alphonsus, many of our students become high school football, track, basketball, volleyball, or baseball stars. Good character and excelling in the classroom produces outstanding athletes.

The greatest strength of the Catholic school is the opportunity and responsibility of the administration of each school to provide the best Catholic education possible for its students. Within this basic tenet, the first priority of such schools is the overall development and growth of each of its student athletes- spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. School sponsored athletic programs shall provide a medium by which student athletes can:

• Develop an awareness of their abilities.
• Learn and improve athletic skills.
• Acquire the true meaning of and practice sportsmanship.
• Be a part of a team effort.
• Enhance their self-esteem and feeling of belonging.
• Form foundations for a healthy adult lifestyle.

Such programs should emphasize the positive accomplishments of the individual through recognition, praise, and positive reinforcement. Athletes should be a component of and interact with the spiritual, social, and academic components of the overall school program. Administration, faculty, staff, coaches, parents, and fans are necessary components in nurturing a positive Catholic athletic experience. Proper emphasis is placed on the fact that all things are done for the glory and honor of God.

St. Alphonsus offers a wide range of athletic opportunities for our students. Students in third through eighth grades may participate in the Catholic School Athletic Association sports. These include football, boys’ basketball and girls’ basketball, track, and volleyball.

Athletic Handbook

Physical Form

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