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Dear Parents and Community Members,

Our school participates in the Diocese of Baton Rouge District Accreditation Process, which requires focus on continuous improvement.  As part of that process, surveys are taken periodically so that data can be used to inform decisions for the school.  

Our status as an accredited school through AdvancED District Accreditation provides national recognition of quality.  To qualify as an accredited institution, we must: 1) meet the AdvancED accreditation standards; 2) implement a continuous process of improvement; and 3) host an external review team once every five years.  

As a Catholic School, we utilize the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools protocol. The Catholic Identity Program Effectiveness Survey is part of that protocol.

Your input is important to your school in this process.  Thank you for completing the online survey between January 28 and February 28.  To take the survey, simply click the link below.  All responses are confidential, and only the group statistics will be reviewed and included in the data reports.

survey link:    Parent & Community

Thank you for your help with this important endeavor!

God bless, Dr. Ryals