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Volunteering at St. Alphonsus School


The safety of our children is very important to us. SAS abides by all the requirements of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. This organization instituted the Safe Environment Program for the prevention of child abuse. 

Any parent interested in volunteering, coaching, room mom or going on field trips must fulfill all requirements of child protection. 

1. Complete Eapps application- Click HERE for the application

  • Items with an asterisk must be answered
  • For references, a complete address, email and phone number must be included
  • Review all declarations and initial

2. Read and sign the Code of Ethics and Behavior for Adults who Minister with Minors in the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Click HERE for the Code of Ethics.

3. Complete the "NEW Training: Serving Vulnerable Populations" online. Click HERE for the website. The certificate can be emailed to Tammy Feduccia at or submitted with the packet.

4. Background Check- You will go to the state police office on Independence Blvd. You will bring the background request forms, Acceptable forms of payment include cashier check, business check with pre-printed business name, money order or credit card. Personal checks and cash are not accepted. The fees for processing are $10 and $26 - in separate payments. Click HERE for the background check forms.